This page will be closed in Dec 2018

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Why I closed this page as well as the website?
After I offer Morty products and service for a decade(since 2006). My digital portrait illustration is not only limited to Malaysia market & the gift industries anymore. There are customers been using their portrait illustration as identities, such as signage, wall decals, business mascot, company logos. and etc.

The sublimation industries(print artworks onto t-shirts, mugs, cushion, puzzle, etc) in Malaysia is more mature compared to a few years back. You can easily find an online store who can offer you this services in top qualities, either globally or domestically. Furthermore, the industries are launching new products every few months. So why not I let you decide and take full control of the sublimation products you like, in terms of usage, price as well as the quantities. And I only give you my best offer - cartoon portrait illustration, in soft copies.

Introducing my new Facebook Page "Eric Portrait Innovative Creations - EPIC".

I will create new posts from time to time about how I created the digital portrait artwork, as well as some useful information about sublimation & gift industries.

Since my service is going internationally, the pricing on my new Page EPIC is in US currency. Also, there are many new templates launching soon.

So stay in touch with me, like my new Facebook Page now:
The EPIC Eric

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MORTY Studio is an personalized gift shop specialized in personalized gift ideas. We offer wide range of gifts in Malaysia, such as personalized cushion, personalized mug, personalized art, and personalized t-shirt/tee/tshirt. If you are looking for corporate gift, anniversary gift, Valentien's day gift, personalized gift for Mother's Day, personalized gift for Father's Day, Farewell gift, birthday gift, Christmas Gift in Malaysia, MORTY personalized gifts is your first choice! Some contents of the site required Adobe Flash Player to view. All design, idea & property on this site are owned & copyrighted by Eric Chua.

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