• Obviously big and clear are better. I recommend that the size of the face be no smaller than a half of RM50 Ringgit.
  • I need to see the shape of the face, and the subjects features, especially around the eyes, so a front or 1/4 turn view is good
  • The photo should show the person’s typical smile or common expression. Uncommon expressions might change the structure and demeanor of the face such as squinting eyes or a bashful expression
Let's assume your are displaying your photo in a 17 inches monitor (1024 x 768 resolution screen):
You can send us 2 persons in one photo or separately. Photos should clearly show the subject's facial features, including eyes. Bigger & clear pictures are better - head should be larger than half of RM50. Show them smiling or a typical expression.
Photo not fully show the headPhoto person's head too smallHand-shaking, blurry or dark

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